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Cremation Services

Niswonger Reynolds Funeral Home owns and operates our state of the art crematory right here in Central Oregon. Our own staff will listen and attend to your wishes, tenderly caring for the deceased from the time of death until the completion of the cremation and final disposition of the cremated remains.

Many families do not realize the options available when cremation is chosen. From the simplest type of cremation service to a traditional funeral service we are able to attend to the details and assist your family through this difficult time.

Cremation Options

Contrary to what most people believe, cremation does not limit one's choices. If you prefer cremation there are many options. You may choose to have a funeral or memorial service with a gathering of family and friends. A funeral service with your loved one present, followed by cremation, need be no different than the traditional funeral and burial service that follows.

Following the traditional funeral service, your loved one is simply transported back to the Funeral Home's Crematorium. The cremated remains are usually placed in an urn of your choice before being committed to a final resting place in a cemetery or memorial garden where you and other loved ones may gather. Some families prefer to take the urn home with them and assume responsibility for the final disposition.

Another option gaining favor is the scattering of cremated remains over a favorite place either on water or land. The practice of scattering human remains is in some places is regulated by specific local laws. We will assist you in securing the necessary information and permits. Scattering cremated remains on someone's private property requires their permission. It is not recommended to scatter on your personal property (should your home be sold) or on public property where others may come into contact with the cremated remains.

For many people, it is important to have a permanent place to go visit. Visiting allows family and friends the opportunity to remember and celebrate the loved one's life and memory. However, if it is your preference to scattering by air over our rugged Cascade Range, remote High Desert or at sea, we now have our own airplane to accomplish the task.

Whether you prefer a large formal gathering, a simple intimate ceremony, or a memorial service following the cremation, we are here to help you plan a meaningful and affordable option.

Direct Cremation

Many people want to know how a direct cremation differs from a traditional funeral service followed by a cremation. Direct cremation is offered to serve the specific needs of those who desire a simple, dignified, and cost effective means of disposition.

For instance, embalming is not required for a direct cremation, so it is not performed. We simply transport your loved one to our funeral homes where we have an appropriate holding facility. Necessary documents are prepared, signed and approved by state and local agencies, a permit is issued and at your direction, your loved one is placed in an alternative container which is made of rigid cardboard suitable for cremation.

After the cremation, the cremated remains will be placed in a container of your choice. Some families find comfort in taking their loved ones home with them; others opt to scatter, bury or inurn using a columbarium. Direct cremation does not include a formal visitation, and there is no funeral service. Simplicity is often the number one reason why people choose direct cremation.

Any service arranged which is to follow the cremation is called a "memorial service." The memorial service may be held at the funeral home, church, community center, outdoors, or at your home. A memorial service may be handled privately by family and friends with no additional expenses incurred. If you elect to involve the funeral home and staff in planning and carrying out a memorial service, additional charges will apply.

No matter the type of cremation service you prefer, please ask us to show you all the ways to make it a service that is dignified, comforting, and complete.